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Statedesk functionally abandoned

Statedesk functionally abandoned

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 14, 2007

Statedesk, the Jackson Free Press attempt to compete with Y’all Politics, has been functionally abandoned. The self-styled “political wire” has been unable keep pace with the political coverage of sites like Y’all Politics, Magnolia Report, CottonMouth, Majority in MS, Jackson Jambalya, and even (gasp) the Clarion Ledger.

With no posts in the last two months and an average of about a comment a week during that period, it seems that the plug has been unofficially pulled on the effort due to lack of traction or interest in its agenda.

YP’s prediction? They will see this an instantly try to revive some life in the site with posts in the next few days and blame it’s failures on some underling who may have abandoned ship.

We will continue to be where we have been for three years now. Right here – executing at the highest levels.

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