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SALTERBLOG – Salter pushes Whit...

SALTERBLOG – Salter pushes Whit Hughes for MS-3rd

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 18, 2007

Whit Hughes: With Tuck gone, here’s your likely hoss…

After working the phones among the GOP and Dem sources, the name that keeps coming back over and over is former Mississippi State University 1996 “Final Four” basketball player Whit Hughes. Hughes has strong GOP credentials, strong MSU ties, a built-in Rankin County connection and he’s an expert political fund raiser — which is going to be Job One for this race.

Hughes was a confidante of Charlie Ross in the Lt. Gov. primary.

The fact that Tate Reeves has two very young children makes Hughes look better and better as the go-to GOP frontrunner with Tuck bowing out.

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