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Wednesdays with Charlie 7/11

Wednesdays with Charlie 7/11

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 12, 2007

This week has been filled with great events across the state. Everywhere we go, people are excited and energized about our conservative vision and our campaign. I am truly humbled by the way our momentum continues to grow in virtually every corner of the state.

Sharon has also been speaking to Republican groups and rallies throughout the state this week. Let me tell you, it is such a blessing to have a wife that not only puts up with the grueling pace of a statewide campaign but also actively participates in it. She is our campaign’s best asset.

I believe this race is about two things – conservative ideas and the ability to make those ideas reality. We have laid out a comprehensive platform throughout the last few months. So far, I have unveiled my plans to better our education system, fight crime, and stop the influx of illegal immigrants into the state. And I believe that my record shows that we can get every part of my Action Agenda done.

Today, I released my plan to make our state government more ethical. My Ethics Reform Action Agenda is a nine-point plan that addresses a myriad of issues-from stopping large no-bid contracts to strengthening personal financial disclosure laws to implementing a strong Voter ID law. Every component of this plan revolves around one fundamental truth-in order for government to be effective, it must be ethical and accountable. I hope that you visit my website to take a closer look at my Ethics Reform Action Agenda.

Folks, we are only 27 days away from the election, so please continue to keep up the good work across the state. Continue talking to your friends and neighbors, putting signs in yards, and spreading the word about our vision for Mississippi.

I can promise you that Sharon and I will do everything we can to work just as hard and just as long as you do.

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