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JFP gleefully publishes Chief typo

JFP gleefully publishes Chief typo

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 5, 2007

Yesterday, the Jackson Free Press (home of the racially enlightened queen, herself) published a press release front and center on their website .

While taken in and of itself, a press release with a couple of typos is no big deal. However, when taken in the larger context that their paper, editorially, has published cartoons depicting Chief Shirlene Anderson as a maid on multiple occasions and consistently painted her as some stupid lapdog, their gleeful boasting of the Chief’s (who is, by the way, Jackson’s first African American female police Chief) lack of a spellcheck certainly brings their motives and ethics into question.

I guess the real question is why give front/center attention to a spelling error or two? The message was totally innocuous.

I know I have received press releases from sitting political officials that look like they should have been written in crayon. I am sure they have, too.

Maybe it is just more say-anything-do-anything-ethics-and-morals-be-damned from that crew.

What a shame. It certainly lessens their credibility (if that’s even possible) to preach on issues of race.

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