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Get ready for kookdom on display at...

Get ready for kookdom on display at Live Earth

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 6, 2007

Get ready. Every aberrant, freakish, kook fringe group on planet Earth will be on full display at this weekend’s Live Earth concert. Here’s an article about the PETA folks extracting their demands.

Nutroots for Bowling, Wiccans for Mandatory Tofu Fridays in Public Schools, Bush Haters Anonymous, Dutch Pre-Teens for Communism and other such fringe groups will be on full display this weekend in this concert to ostensibly prop up “fragile” Mother Earth.

Unfortunately, these freaks can’t help it. Anytime they can gather in energy wasting hypocisy, bash “the man” and share communal body odor, they take full advantage of it.

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