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Cory Wilson on Crime (H-66th)

Cory Wilson on Crime (H-66th)

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 13, 2007


Proposes Capital Security and Economic Development District to Tackle Crime.

Last week, the FBI reported that violent crime in Jackson rose 42% in 2006—faster than in any other place in the nation. Over the weekend, one of our city council representatives was robbed in broad daylight on her front porch by a man wielding a sawed-off shotgun. Last week, a woman was attacked one afternoon while loading groceries in her car. Almost daily, residents hear reports of break-ins and robberies.

All this is happening in District 66. Our quality of life is being stolen one crime at a time. It has to stop.

“It is past time for action in the Legislature to strengthen our capital city,” Cory Wilson said. “We have to get serious about reimposing the rule of law in Jackson, especially with regard to rampant property crime.”

“Day One of the next Legislative Session, I will introduce a bill to establish a Capital Security and Economic Development District. And I will push crime fighting measures constantly until we see progress,” Wilson stated.

Wilson’s proposed District would have its own police force (a strengthened Capitol Police), designated judicial resources, and funding for infrastructure and beautification. The District would include areas around the Fairgrounds, the State Capitol Complex, UMC, and other state facilities, many of which are located in and around District 66.

Wilson’s proposed District would allow the State to compensate Jackson for tax-exempt state and non-profit properties through extra law enforcement. JPD would be freed up to patrol in our neighborhoods. Our overburdened justice system would be reinforced to speed up and increase convictions. The proposal also includes resources to make sure that once criminals are caught, they stay in jail. Wilson’s proposed District would help create a real deterrent to criminals and make Jackson’s assets as the state capital stronger.

Jackson should be Mississippi’s flagship city. Jackson can be one of the nicest, safest capitals in the Union. That is Cory Wilson’s vision. To get there, we need proactive leadership, resolve, and action.

Cory Wilson Press Release

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