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Wednesdays with Charlie 5/2

Wednesdays with Charlie 5/2

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 3, 2007

Wednesdays with Charlie 5/2

Well, it’s already May-can you believe it? Springtime is so beautiful in Mississippi and I’m excited by the progress we’re making in telling Mississippians our vision for the state’s future. Everywhere I go I meet people concerned with our electoral process, immigration, crime, and many other issues. I feel confident that my plan for all of these issues is the right way to move our state forward. I cannot address each issue here, but if you have any questions as to my stance on any of these issues-or if you have any other questions-please feel free to send me a message at the “Contact Us” link above.

Yesterday, I requested that Governor Barbour call a special legislative session to address the issue of voter ID. Right now, voters are not required to show identification when they go to the polls. We as Mississippians should ensure that elections are fair and that equal access is given to all voters so that they can be confident that the people’s choice is the one who actually gets into office. If every person has to show identification to rent a movie, join a health club, board a plane, and check into a hotel, then why shouldn’t an ID be required to participate in our most sacred rights as citizens? We must do everything we can to preserve the integrity of every citizen’s vote, and requiring identification at the polls is a great step toward that goal.

This past Saturday, I visited Caledonia to attend a benefit fish fry hosted by State Senator Terry Brown to raise money for a new skate park they are building out there. I enjoyed meeting so many great Mississippians and listening to their concerns about the future of our state. Mississippi is a great place and it’s our people, like those in Caledonia, who make us that way. I remind myself every day as a public servant and a statewide candidate that in America, the people rule.

Last Thursday I visited the Coast and had a great time with the good people of the area. The region has gone through so much in the past two years, but they have shown that Mississippians are resilient. I’ve never been more proud of our people than I was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Their great progress is undeniable, but we still have a long way to go. As lieutenant governor, I will be committed to helping the Coast fully recover.

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