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Delbert Hoseman crosses 300K?

Delbert Hoseman crosses 300K?

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 3, 2007

MP has it on good authority that Delbert Hoseman, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, has had some outstanding fundraising success early. At this point, he has reportedly crossed the $300K mark.

Charlie Ross raising $800K+ for Lt. Governor was big news, but in a lot of ways, this is bigger. Primarily because the assumption was that Bryant was going to catch up or at least catch up enough to where money would not decide this race. This is a big lead for Hoseman and I think that his ability to raise funds well in excess of his Republican primary opponents could be a difference maker. To put some context to it, Eric Clark (current SOS) only raised $133K (according to the 10/28/3 pre-election campaign finance report) for all of his successful 2003 election.

$300K in a downticket race is a gargantuan amount of money and several folks that I talked to said that there was really no precedent for it for a race that far downticket.

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