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Jesse Jackson Flashback: Duke Boys...

Jesse Jackson Flashback: Duke Boys Guilty Because America is Racist

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 12, 2007

Jackson’s assessment of the situation from April 2006:

We don?t know exactly what happened that night. Initial DNA tests came back negative, incriminating no one. But something happened on the night of March 13th ? something so compelling that Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong was prompted to say, ?This case is not going away?. Indeed, he asserts that the lack of DNA evidence “doesn’t mean nothing happened. It just means nothing was left behind.” The District Attorney is putting the case before a grand jury. And, while unresolved racial, gender and class issues dictate and divide perspectives, these facts are not in dispute.

Jackson couldn’t be reached for comment. We think he’s on the road to Hymietown.

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