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JFP: Busy, Busy Beavers

JFP: Busy, Busy Beavers

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 15, 2006

The things you find on the Internet…

Jackson Free Press has long complained about the Melton administration’s refusal to release information. Now we see what the problem is: JFP insists on requesting information they’re not entitled to.

In documents left freely visible on their server, we see them requesting information about Jackson Police Chief Shirlene Anderson, the response to which is, ‘that information is exempt from FOI.‘ So, off they toodle to Anderson herself, requesting that she release the information herself.

Here they are requesting a weekly Comstat report, and all the reports from 2004 and 2005. The city’s response? For deparmental use only; not for release to the public. This makes their obtaining the Comstat report from the week of April 17-23 of this year very curious: Who leaked this document to them, and why?

JFP has characterized the Melton administration as being unresponsive to their requests for information. but the truth is actually that the administration has been responsive; JFP just doesn’t like the response. More troubling is that someone in city government appears to have decided to play by their own rules.

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