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Michelle Malkin: Bush Blows It…...

Michelle Malkin: Bush Blows It… Too Little, Too Late

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 16, 2006

Malkin writes:

President Bush is continuing the homeland security dog-and-pony charade in his quest to deliver a massive “guest worker”/amnesty plan to the open-borders lobby. A few weeks ago, Bush’s Department of Homeland Security put on a bogus performance of Get Tough Theater with a series of politically timed immigration raids…which, as I predicted, simply resulted in more catch and release of illegal aliens nationwide.

This new last-minute stunt to sprinkle National Guard troops on the border–temporarily, of course, to appease Mexican President Vicente Fox–is more transparent than the Scotch tape used to hold together our dilapidated border fences. (That’s only a slight exaggeration.)

Bush may have succeeded in splitting the Republican base, and increased even more the chances of Dem gains in ’06 and ’08.

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