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Melton Honeymoon Part VIII – The...

Melton Honeymoon Part VIII – The Recall

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 2, 2006

MississippiPolitics has obtained an exclusive report on an effort to recall Mayor Frank Melton from his office of mayor of the city of Jackson. It was organized and held on New Year’s Eve at the Rainbow Coop in Fondren. In a scene representative of the Bar Scene on the original Star Wars, participants were greeted with an intoxicating feast of wheatgrass, tibouli and blackeyed peas.

Attending were:

Omari Obadele
Former Chief Robert Moore
Harvey Johnson and his white shadow (lawyer)
Jim Mulvaney – The guy who wrote the article about Melton 10 years ago (by telephone – he was too busy writing another Pulitzer Prize winning article on the plight of the rare Lesbian Kangaroo Rats)
Socrates Garrett and Othor Cain
Kim Wade
the crew from the Fondren Free Press
Derrick Johnson
Officers from the Municipal, County and State Democratic Committee (wearing bags over their heads)
Enoch Sanders
James Covington
Millsaps Young Democrats
Dorothy Dot Benford

James Covington: Thanks for coming. Y’all know why we are here.

Enoch Sanders: Yeah power to the people. Our struggle continues.

Derrick Johnson: No, you nutcase! We are here to plot the overthrow of “Mayor Melton”. Things just haven’t been the same for us. Why I can’t even hardly get on the news. Now, to get airtime, I have to just say the most outrageous stuff because Melton always upstages me. And those consulting gigs just vanished!

Dorothy Benford: He don’t come out at night like an egg-sucking dog.

Omari Obadele: Yes, we couldn’t even get a meeting with this new administration to discuss putting the headquarters of the Republic of New Afrika under the overpass on I-220. Wait a minute. I have an idea! Why don’t we just make the whole city of Jackson the headquarters. Then, I can be president of my own country.

Kim Wade: (explative), Please. Folks, we’ve got to turn some caps around here son. I mean, some things have got to get did. He closed down my club Jazzys while coke was being cut on the table – CUT ON THE TABLE, SON – at another club. I want revenge.

Chief Moore: Kim, we all do. I am not ready to retire. Why I still had some room left on one of my walls that was not quite filled with self-egrandizing recognition. By the way, I would also like to say that having Jim Mulvaney on your radio during the campaign was brilliant.

Donna Ladd: Brilliant!

Chief Moore: We need more of that kind of stuff.

Donna Ladd: I know. I could continue to stalk Melton and write an article about him every week. I for one know that all of my advertisers are fully on board with my anti-mayoral agenda. I mean so what if he got 88% of the vote. We are the alternative for the other 12%

Jim Mulvaney: That’s a good plan. If you make up some really good stuff, maybe you’ll win a Pulitzer like I did.

Harvey Johnson: Then it’s settled – we will continue to make stuff up and bitch as loud as we can (whispers to white lawyer over his shoulder). Oh yeah, remember our progress has enemies, but we’ll make sure they can’t turn us back.

State Democratic Official: Didn’t they already do that sir.

Harvey Johnson: Whatever.

Stay tuned for more exclusive context and nuance from our ongoing series.

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