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Council to push new mayor on annexation

Council to push new mayor on annexation

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 28, 2005

Council to push new mayor on annexation

Democrat Frank Melton and Republican Rick Whitlow, the two mayoral candidates in the June 7 general election, said annexing the southern Hinds County community would not be a priority for their administrations.

“If the mayor were to give a good reason why, was able to sell us to drop it, we would be very keen to listen and certainly take it into consideration,” said Ward 6 Councilman Marshand Crisler. “I just don’t think, considering the plat of land we’re looking at, we would just wholeheartedly drop it altogether.”

A June 13 trial is scheduled to decide if 53 square miles will become part of Jackson or whether Byram can use 44 square miles to become an independent municipality.

The city has asked for a continuance to allow “time for the new administration to have time to settle in, get its annexation ‘bearings’ ” and be prepared for trial, according to a motion filed Friday in Hinds County Chancery Court.

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