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Melton will have to give up state ed...

Melton will have to give up state ed board – CL Editorial

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 28, 2005

Melton will have to give up state ed board – CL Editorial

Democratic candidate Frank Melton should have his hands full, locked in a race with Republican Rick Whitlow for the job of mayor of Jackson in the June 7 election.

So, what’s this about keeping his other position?

Last week, Melton said that, if elected, he plans to ask for a waiver” of a state law that would require him to resign his position on the state board of education.
Melton is right that the education panel “is one of the most important boards in the state,” setting educational policy for Mississippi’s 152 school districts. And serving on that board might not be a full-time job. But the job of mayor of the city of Jackson very definitely is a full-time job!

The mayor is the chief executive of the city, a 24/7 job. That includes managing the city’s daily operations, from crime to economic development to public planning to the minutiae of drainage, zoning, water lines, etc.

Melton’s commitment to public education and to helping children is unquestionable and commendable. His time on the state Board of Education has been a service to the state. But, serving as a mayor and on the board would not be appropriate and would present unavoidable conflicts.

Melton is high energy and works hard, but if elected, he will need to devote all his time to mayoral duties.

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May 28, 2005

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