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Why is this man calling you?

Why is this man calling you?

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 2, 2005

by Alan Lange

Sunday evening, thousands of Northeast Jacksonians are receiving pre-recorded calls voiced by Raymond resident Liles Williams. I have received five reports from people in Northeast Jackson who have received the recorded message between 6-8 p.m.

Liles Williams is a longtime Republican operative and currently Chairman of the Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission. He was also a heavy supporter for the Convention Center.

In his call, he hits three major points on behalf of Johnson.

– Melton’s voting record
– Melton’s tenure as Head of MBN
– “The Governor’s” disapproval and firing of Melton

In his final point, Williams states something to the effect of “if the Governor doesn’t trust Frank Melton, then neither do I”.

All of the reports we have received have stated that Williams call came unidentified on caller ID – a clear telemarketing violation. Those laws are regulated by his sister agency – the Public Service Commission.

Though this type of last minute Get Out/Keep Out The Vote tactics are very common, it is interesting to note Johnson’s choice for the calls is not even a Jackson resident. Also, it is interesting why Williams did not invoke Haley Barbour by name, referring to him only as “the Governor”.

We will hopefully be hearing more. If you have recieved a call like this from either side, we’d love to hear about it. If you can record one . . . even better. I am hoping to get a transcription of this call and other such calls before Tuesday.

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