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Suspected Car Thief’s Mother...

Suspected Car Thief’s Mother Speaks Out

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 17, 2005

Suspected Car Thief’s Mother Speaks Out

“When you take someone’s vehicle it is a very intrusive criminal act, it’s not for fun,” said Graham.

It is also not the first time for Cory Smith. “[He’s been arrested for] several felonies, been arrested before on auto theft, also arrested his brother several times on auto theft, and they have alluded police, they’ve resisted arrest,” said Graham.

“I felt he was handled more like an adult than a child,” said Walker.

“He’s been arrested about 15 times by officers in the South Jackson area,” said Graham.

“I don’t think he meant no real harm,” said Walker.

Friday Smith is in jail again, waiting for the court to decide this case. “I hope they put him under the jail, not in it, but under it,” said Sykes.


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