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Mayoral Candidates Square Off

Mayoral Candidates Square Off

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 10, 2005

Mayoral Candidates Square Off

Is Frank Melton a Republican in disguise? Is the city of Jackson in trouble under the Johnson administration? Those were just some of the issues and insults raised Saturday as the candidates for mayor of Jackson spoke up.

The two most popular Democratic candidates for mayor of Jackson were miles apart Saturday morning, but they debated nonetheless. Incumbent Harvey Johnson spoke from a Democratic forum at Tougaloo College set up by members of the Mississippi Democratic Club including co-chair Ann Williams.

“I will tell you that the third Democratic candidate, Mr. Frank Melton, kept us guessing up until late afternoon yesterday,” suggested Johnson.

Challenger Frank Melton spent his morning at a family event in front of Candlestick Fitness Center in south Jackson. Dozens of children he knows personally surrounded him.


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