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Rick Whitlow Newsletter 4/8/5

Rick Whitlow Newsletter 4/8/5

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 9, 2005

Newsletter: Please share this newsletter with all your friends, colleagues, and family. They can also access the newsletter directly from

Point Of Order: Education is the great equalizer. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators must not fall victim to the subtle racism of “low expectations.” Increasing achievement in education is a must to prepare all our youth for competition in a global economy. The No Child Left Behind Act, although in its early stages is a vehicle to help us reach that goal. Lives were lost to ensure that educational opportunity is available to everyone. A populace that is educated and skilled will aid economic development, increase individual earning power, and improve the overall quality of life in the City of Jackson. We must reclaim a time in thought when being “smart” was a good thing.

Leadership Matters: It has been quite a busy week on the campaign trail. Not having a primary opponent has afforded me the luxury of being able to focus completely on the June 7th general election, which includes day by day, door to door campaigning, and getting our message out at every opportunity. On several occasions this effort has included impromptu campaign speeches while standing in line at grocery stores, restaurants, and other non-traditional locations. Of course we are still making frequent public scheduled appearances at schools, neighborhood centers, and other venues. There is no need to seek media attention at every stop. A conversation between me and the people is consistent with our philosophy of taking our message directly to the voters whenever and wherever possible. Individuals are eager to share their concerns and recommendations for solutions. We are winning supporters one voter at a time! I am excited and honored to be in this race for Mayor. We’ll see you along the way. The next knock on your door will probably be me. “Leadership Matters”

Support: Many of you are answering the call every day. Thank you! We need your continued support and the generous financial support of others to be prepared for the general election campaign. You can make a secure donation online at or by mail to Post Office Box 1202, Jackson, MS 39215. Checks should be made payable to the Committee to Elect Rick Whitlow.

Don’t forget to write a letter to the editor or call a radio talk show to show your support for Rick’s candidacy. It is critical to keep the campaign message before the voters during this time when the focus is on the Democrat primary.


Rick is working hard on the campaign trail, so if you see him out and about, don’t hesitate to talk to him, share your concerns, your ideas for solutions or just say hello.

Details are still being worked for several debates. We’ll keep you informed.

April 30th ? Deadline for voting absentee in the Municipal Clerk’s office for the primary. (Miss. Code Ann. ? 23-15-653 and ? 23-15-715 )

May 2nd ? Deadline for receipt of mailed absentee ballots in the Municipal Clerks office for the primary. (Miss Code Ann. ? 23- 15-631)

Website: Individuals can learn more about the candidate and sign up for future newsletters or to volunteer on the website at

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