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Mayor’s Race

Mayor’s Race

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 9, 2005

Mayor’s Race

“The stakes are high for this”. At least that’s what Clarion Ledger Columnist, Eric Stringfellow believes.

“The debates I think will be really, really critical”. So that the three democratic candidates, incumbent Mayor, Harvey Johnson Jr., and challengers, Frank Melton and Annell Smith can speak to the people they want votes from. “Convincing people that you don’t just have a plan, but you have a plan that you can execute it, that you can execute it in a real timely manner to produce some results”.

Stringfellow feels Jackson residents want change. Some key issues he’d like the candidates to address are residential growth for middle income families and the perception of Jackson’s schools. “How are they going to work with the Superintendent? How they plan to appoint board members that are really, really concerned and progressive about improving at least the perception about Jackson Schools”.

Based on his talks with the Jacksonian’s he’s mingled with, he says the candidates will have to do more than than convince voters about their intentions for the city. “What they’re saying is that we want some leadership.. That we understand, that we can follow, that makes sense, that’s gonna give us some hope”.


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