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Georgetown area group cites issues...

Georgetown area group cites issues – CL Letter to the Editor

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 8, 2005

Georgetown area group cites issues – CL Letter to the Editor

The Georgetown Community Association, a homeowners association whose goal is to improve the quality of life for its residents through community mobilization and empowerment, would like to say to candidates for mayor of Jackson, as well as the incumbent:

“If you are seriously seeking the support of Georgetown residents, you would do well to address the following issues during your campaign:”

Dilapidated houses – an eyesore in the city for too, too many years.

Town Creek Apartments – federal funds were secured to raze White Oak Apartments. Why not do the same for Town Creek?

Code enforcement services – additional enforcement officers are needed, and police protection is needed when carrying out dangerous assignments.

Ditches and driveway pipes – should be cleaned out on streets where storm drains do not exist.

Enforcement of ordinances on tire shops – thousands of tires are stacked around some shops, definitely a health hazard.

Increased lighting on Martin Luther King Drive – needed between Monument and Medgar Evers Boulevard.

Resurfacing of streets in Georgetown – especially Martin Luther King Drive.

Sting Operations – should continue to rid communities of prostitutes and solicitors.

This election is of great interest and will be watched closely.

Perry W. Robinson
Georgetown Community Association, Inc.

Clarion Ledger

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