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Bottom line: Melton to get my vote...

Bottom line: Melton to get my vote – CL Letter to the Editor

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 8, 2005

Bottom line: Melton to get my vote – CL Letter to the Editor

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. has worked feverishly to make the King Edward hotel restoration project and the building of the Capital City Convention Center a reality.

Having said that, his nonchalant, even blase, attitude toward bringing crime under control has made these two noble endeavors an exercise in futility.

After all, who is going to attend any kind of convention or event in a crime-infested city?

That is why, after voting for Mayor Johnson twice, I have decided to put my support behind Frank Melton.

Mr. Melton is showing me more every day that he is not just a “one-issue candidate.”

Aside from “suiting up” and checking driver’s licenses during his stint as head of the state Bureau of Narcotics, I approve of everything he has done.

He is a man of conviction and I believe he will work tirelessly not only addressing the crime matter but to give all citizens of Jackson, young, old, black and white, a better way of life.

“And that, my friends, is the Bottom Line.”

Ronnie Vaughan

Clarion Ledger

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