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Mississippi Legislature Gavels in for...

Mississippi Legislature Gavels in for New Term

By: Frank Corder - January 2, 2024

(Photo from Governor's 2024 EBR)

The 2024 legislative session begins a new four-year term for Magnolia State lawmakers. Seven new Senators and 25 new State Representatives to be sworn in Tuesday.

The gavels are set to fall in both chambers of the Mississippi Legislature on Tuesday, January 2nd, opening the 2024 legislative session. Members will be sworn in for the new term and the leadership will begin officially organizing the state Senate and House of Representatives.

The Senate is welcoming 7 new members to its 52-member body. The new Senators are:

  • District 11 – Reginald Jackson
  • District 21 – Bradford Blackmon
  • District 35 – Andy Berry
  • District 36 – Brian Rhodes
  • District 38 – Gary Brumfield
  • District 42 – Robin Robinson
  • District 46 – Philman Ladner

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann (R) continues as the President of the Senate for another term, having won re-election in 2023.

Over in the House of Representatives, 25 newcomers will be seated in the 122-member body. The new State Representatives are:

  • District 2 – Brad Mattox
  • District 6 – Justin Keen
  • District 7 – Kimberly Remak
  • District 10 – Josh Hawkins
  • District 15 – Beth Waldo
  • District 20 – Rodney Hall
  • District 23 – Andy Stepp
  • District 27 – Kenji Holloway
  • District 28 – W.I. Doc Harris
  • District 33 – Jim Estrada
  • District 45 – Keith Jackson
  • District 51 – Timaka James-Jones
  • District 56 – Clay Mansell
  • District 57 – Lawrence Blackmon
  • District 58 – Jonathan McMillan
  • District 62 – Lance Varner
  • District 66 – Fabian Nelson
  • District 69 – Tamarra Butler-Washington
  • District 72 – Justis Gibbs
  • District 75 – Celeste Hurst
  • District 88 – Charles Chuck Blackwell
  • District 105 – Elliot Burch
  • District 107 – Steve Lott
  • District 111 – Jimmy Fondren
  • District 115 – Zachary Grady

The chamber will elect a new Speaker as Philip Gunn chose not to seek re-election, leaving the House after serving 12 years at the helm. Gunn was the first Republican to wield the gavel in the House in over 100 years.

Set to take up the mantle is Gunn’s chief lieutenant, Speaker Pro Tempore Jason White (R). White has been nominated by the House Republican Caucus to assume the role of Speaker. State Rep. Manly Barton (R) looks to be White’s Pro Tem.

Republicans retained their hold on the Legislature during the 2023 elections, continuing to enjoy a supermajority in both chambers in the new term.

No committee chairmanships or assignments have been announced in either chamber at this point. Members have submitted their requests and leadership will be making those appointments in the first weeks of the 125-day session.

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