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Medical transportation company locating...

Medical transportation company locating production operations in Jumpertown

By: Frank Corder - December 18, 2023

(Photo from OnDemand's website)

The Tennessee-based company will invest nearly half a million dollars to bring 17 new jobs to the Prentiss County area.

OnDemand Specialty Vehicles, an emergency medical transportation solutions company, has announced that the company is locating its production operations in Jumpertown, Mississippi.

According to the company, since its founding as Priority Ambulance in 2013 in Knoxville, Tennessee, they have expanded into 14 states through acquisitions, new contracts and startups to become one of the leading and fastest-growing ambulance providers in the nation.

A statement from the Mississippi Development Authority says the company has secured a lease and is upgrading a facility in Jumpertown which will serve as a dedicated production site. The Prentiss County, Mississippi project is a $470,750 corporate investment and will create 17 new jobs in the area.

Priority OnDemand’s CEO, Bryan Gibson, is a a native of Prentiss County. He said in a statement he was excited to expand the company into Jumpertown.

Bryan Gibson

“As a native of Prentiss County, Mississippi, and the community where I began my EMS career, I am excited to be able to expand our company presence in Jumpertown,” Gibson said. “The community has been welcoming and we are excited to locate OnDemand Specialty Vehicle production operations in Jumpertown.”

Gibson, who has 30 years of experience in emergency medical services, began his career as a licensed paramedic working at a hospital in Corinth, Mississippi, and later with a fire department in Memphis, Tennessee.

OnDemand Specialty Vehicles is a subsidiary of Priority OnDemand. The company produces approximately 100 new ambulance units annually.

OnDemand plans to begin production this fall.

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