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Brandon Amphitheater brings Magic of...

Brandon Amphitheater brings Magic of Lights to Mississippi

By: Courtney Ingle - December 4, 2023

An estimated 2 million lights spread over two miles convert the Brandon Amphitheater grounds into a Christmas wonderland drive-thru experience. 

Part of the magic of the Christmas season is the festive yet peaceful glow of the lights punctuating the otherwise cool, dark nights. Combine those lights with your favorite Christmas songs, movies, and traditions and you’ve got the recipe for an unforgettable Christmas experience. 

That’s exactly what Magic of Lights is bringing to the Brandon Amphitheater this year. 

There are over two miles of extravagant light displays throughout the Quarry, followed by a Jolly Holiday Village at the Brandon Amphitheater, presented by Entergy and WLBT. This is the second time the drive-thru experience has set up holiday shop at the amphitheater. An estimated 2 million lights convert the grounds into a Christmas wonderland. 

The themed sections promise something for all ages. Winter Wonderland, the 12 Days of Christmas, Toyland and Elves and Reindeer Road bring the vintage, nostalgic Christmas to life for the older crowd. Prehistoric Christmas, BIGFOOT Monster Truck and Mattel’s 32-foot Waving Barbie will have the kiddos undoing their seatbelts and scrambling to the windows to get even an inch closer to the magic. 

At the Jolly Holiday Village, you can get out of the car and visit with Santa Claus, swing by the letter writing station, see more light displays synchronized with music. 

Magic of Lights is not exclusive to Brandon. There are over 20 locations scattered throughout the United States and Canada. But even with this in mind, there’s still a local vibe, thanks to the radio station specific to the Brandon location. Well-known local voices such as that of Howard Ballou of WLBT and Brandon Mayor Butch Lee provide local messaging and descriptions of the different displays in between Christmas songs.

Memories in the Making 

Katelyn Comish of Brandon said this was the second year her family has visited Magic of Lights, and she’s encouraged by how it has grown. 

“We just took our boys (ages 5 and 2.5) Saturday night! We loved it! We went last year and it was definitely an upgrade this year,” Comish said. “ It was more organized, it flowed better and we were highly entertained the entire time!”

Comish said her sons had their favorite spots along the magical trail. 

“They loved the dinos and the monster truck that made their reappearance this year,” said Comish. “And we already have tickets to go again. This time, we’ll go to the Holiday Village after.” 

Six-year-old Taylor was incredibly excited by just about everything at Magic of Lights. 

“Everything was my favorite,” said Taylor. “The very most favorite was the Nativity because that’s about Jesus. I also liked the dinosaur with Santa. But my least favorite was the monster truck because I don’t really pay attention to big trucks anyway.” 

The 200-foot light tunnel was another hit. 

“It’s like everything I’ve ever dreamed of in my life,” said Taylor. 

Things to Know Before You Go

Magic of Lights is open now through December 31. Hours are Monday-Thursday, 6-9 pm, and Friday through Sunday 6-10 pm until December 8, when hours are 6-9 pm nightly. 

It is located at 8190 Rock Way, Brandon, Mississippi, 39042. 

Prices are cheaper online. You can buy ahead online and pay $19 per standard sized car, or $50 for a limo or party bus. 

Prices are $25 per car at the gate on the weeknights and $30 per car on the weekend. Limos and party buses will be charged $60 at the gate if tickets are not purchased ahead of time. 

Buy your ticket online and show it from your phone at the gate. Just make sure your screen brightness is at 100%. You can also print your ticket. The tickets are for one-time use, but you can use them at any time… they don’t have to be used the exact day you buy them. 

Pro-tip: This is a very popular event so you may have a long wait time in the car. Get into the Christmas spirit during your wait time by playing games, listening to Christmas songs, or providing an activity for the excited kiddos. 

Get more information and purchase tickets here

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