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Hinds County Supervisor files lawsuit...

Hinds County Supervisor files lawsuit after loss in Democratic Primary

By: Sarah Ulmer - September 12, 2023

David Archie, District 2, Hinds County Supervisor

David Archie, the current District 3 Supervisor, is claiming election fraud in a lawsuit challenging the results of the August Democratic Primary.

A Hinds County Supervisor has filed a lawsuit challenging the results of his election loss in the Mississippi Democratic Primary.

Supervisor David Archie, the incumbent representing District 2, has filed a lawsuit after losing the primary race on the Democratic ticket in August. He is claiming there was a “high-tech election heist.”

Archie was unseated by Anthony Smith, with Smith receiving 63% of the votes in the district while Archie brought in 37%.

During a press conference days after the primary race, the candidates exchanged harsh words. Archie claimed there was election fraud and corruption.

“This is corruption and fraud at its best in Mississippi,” said Archie.

He made public allegations that the election software used – ES&S – has been promoting specific candidates and he blamed former Election Commissioner Toni Johnson. However, Johnson’s attorney Lisa Ross says there was no machine manipulation, according to a report by WJTV.

Ross went on to add that this is not the first time that Archie has claimed voter irregularities after a loss. She says that former Commissioner Toni Johnson is not responsible for ballot manipulation. Johnson accepted a plea deal earlier this year which removed her from office when she agreed to enter guilty pleas to three felony counts related to misspending thousands of dollars in grant money.

Anthony Smith, the winner in the Supervisor race, echoed the same thoughts.

“I’ll stay committed and I will help people because I’m a man of passion, a man of God, and I believe we have to help each other,” said Smith. “Toni did nothing, Toni did nothing but help.”

Secretary of State Michael Watson, a Republican, said his office investigates any allegations of election fraud with the same protocol.

“We treat all accusations the same. As we receive information, we compile it and send it to the Attorney General’s Office. They and/or the local District Attorney are the only entities who have prosecutorial authority,” said Watson.

Archie claims that when he requested a ballot box review of election results from the Hinds County Democratic Party, he was only given the paper ballots. He says no secondary information like a voter signature book, or digital images of ballots were offered.

“We understand that one candidate who lost, namely David Archie, has decided to challenge the results of the August 8 primary. He has the right to challenge the results and will cooperate however necessary,” said Democratic Executive Committee Chairperson Jacqueline Amos.

Archie has called for Amos to step down. He alleges that he has evidence of her tampering with results to ensure his opponent would win.

Magnolia Tribune has reached out to the Hinds County Democratic Party for comment on these statements as well as Archie but have not heard back at time of publication.

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