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Six Mississippi House seats were on the...

Six Mississippi House seats were on the ballot in Tuesday’s Runoff Election. See who won.

By: Frank Corder - August 30, 2023

Mississippi State Capitol

Nelson, Gibbs, Butler-Washington, and Grady will all be new faces in the Mississippi House come January. Burch moves on to the General Election while Bain hopes there are enough affidavits to save his re-election bid.

One incumbent State Representative lost his re-election bid in Tuesday’s primary runoff election while it’s down to the wire for another as affidavits remain to be counted later today.

In all, there were six Mississippi House races on the ballot on Tuesday – three Republican runoffs and three Democratic runoffs – where voters were selecting their party’s nominee and in all but one, their State Representative since only one seat has a General Election opponent waiting for them in November.

Here are the results of Tuesday’s House runoffs:

House District 6

After Tuesday’s votes were counted and the absentee ballots were added in, incumbent State Rep. Nick Bain was down 23 votes to challenger Brad Mattox in the House District 6 Republican Primary Runoff Election. According to election officials, affidavits, which will be counted on Wednesday morning, will determine the winner of this race.

Bain has served three terms in the Mississippi House of Representatives. After switching to the Republican Party in 2019, he has been at the center of a number of hotly contested floor debates serving as Chairman of Judiciary B and sitting on key House committees such as Ways and Means as well as Corrections, among others.

In the August 8th Primary, Bain drew 48% of the vote with Mattox winning 35%. The third candidate in the race – Chris Wilson – won nearly 17%. Wilson endorsed Mattox over Bain in the runoff.

Five other incumbents have lost their re-election bids this year. Bain’s GOP colleague’s loss in House District 105 makes six and if Bain loses, that would be eight incumbents who lost this cycle.

House District 66

Fabian Nelson defeated Roshunda Harris-Allen in the House District 66 Democratic Primary Runoff on Tuesday. Nelson won 69% of the vote in the runoff after initially drawing 42% in the August 8th three-person Primary.

Nelson, a realtor, will be the next State Representative as there is no General Election opponent. He will succeed Rep. De’Keither Stamps who chose not to seek re-election and instead run again for Central District Public Service Commissioner.

Nelson will reportedly be the first openly LGBT member of the Mississippi Legislature.

House District 69

Tamarra Butler-Washington will be the next State Representative for House District 69 and will replace retiring Rep. Alyce Clarke who has held the seat since 1985. Butler-Washington defeated Patty Patterson in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary Runoff pulling in over 63% of the vote. She does not have General Election opponent in November.

Butler-Washington, an employee with the Mississippi State Department of Health, led the four-person field in the initial August 8th Primary with over 48%. Patterson won 30% three weeks ago.

The State Representative-elect previously served as a clerk in the Mississippi Senate.

House District 72

In House District 72, voters rejected the Lumumba brand and instead chose to go with a Gibbs. Justis Gibbs, son of former State Rep. Debra Gibbs, defeated Rukia Lumumba, sister of Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, by a vote of 61% to 39% in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary Runoff Election.

Gibbs, an attorney and member of the Mississippi Democratic Party state executive committee, drew the most votes in the initial August 8th Primary with 41% in the four-person race. Lumumba, a community activist, won 31%.

Gibbs has no General Election opposition in November, meaning he will be sworn in come January 2024 and serve where his mother once did before she resigned to become a judge.

House District 105

Incumbent State Rep. Dale Goodin lost his bid for re-election in Tuesday’s Republican Primary Runoff Election to challenger Elliot Burch in a big way, making him the sixth sitting legislator to lose their re-election bid this cycle. Burch won 75% of the vote.

In the August 8th Primary, Burch drew 46% to Goodin’s 30% in the three-man race.

Goodin served one term in the House of Representatives where he was a member of the Corrections Committee and Workforce Development Committee, among others. He defeated Democrat Matthew Daves in 2019 by a vote of 80% to 20% to win the seat after defeating then-incumbent Rep. Roun McNeal in the GOP Primary that same year.

Burch, an attorney and former law enforcement, will move on to the November General Election where Democrat Daves once again awaits.

House District 115

Zachary Grady will be the next State Representative for House District 115 after he defeated Biloxi City Councilman Felix Gines in Tuesday’s Republican Primary Runoff Election. Grady won 62% of the vote. He will succeed State Rep. Randall Patterson who did not seek re-election after serving in the Legislature since 2004.

Gines was once of a handful of black Republican candidates on the ballot in this 2023 election cycle for county and state offices. He switched to the GOP in recent years and has since been an active member of the party at the local level.

Grady, a former police officer, led the race the whole way, winning nearly 47% of the vote three weeks prior in the three-man contest. He has no General Election opposition in November.

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