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Over $74,000 awarded to 69 students to...

Over $74,000 awarded to 69 students to attend PRCC for upcoming school year

By: Anne Summerhays - June 13, 2023

PRCC County Tuition Assistance Program Press Conference attendees left to right: HCPHC CEO Mr. Bill Cotter, Vice President PRCC Hancock Campus Dr. Jennifer Seal, HCPHC Commissioner Mr. Bob Swanson, Hancock County Board of Supervisor President Mr. Scotty Adam, PRCC President Dr. Adam Breerwood, HCPHC President Mr. Derek Necaise, Hancock County Supervisor Mr. Kodie Koenenn, Assistant Vice President PRCC Hancock Campus Dr. Raymunda Barnes, and PRCC Board Member Mr. Frank Ladner.

The Hancock County Tuition Assistance Program has awarded over $130,000 in tuition assistance to 125 students since the program’s creation in 2021.

A partnership between organizations in Hancock County are helping provide over $74,000 of tuition assistance to 69 students who will attend Pearl River Community College (PRCC) this fall.

The Hancock County Tuition Assistance Program, or CTAP, was created in 2021. It provides just north of $1,000 per student to help them finance any remaining tuition after other grants, scholarships and awards have been accounted for.

According to the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission (HCPHC), the CTAP program supports workforce development and local economic growth by keeping young minds local and contributing to the growth of the region. The program is a partnership between PRCC and local counties to provide financial support to cover the cost of regular tuition to attend PRCC. Currently, residents from Forrest County and Hancock County are eligible to receive CTAP funds.

Since the program’s creation, over $130,000 in tuition assistance has been awarded to over 125 local students. 

“This program is something we’ve worked on for several years and we are so grateful to the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commissioners, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors, and the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District for making it happen,” Dr. Adam Breerwood, PRCC President, said previously. “The assistance provided by CTAP to students can eliminate the financial hurdles they face and in turn have life changing effects.” 

Blaine LaFontaine, CEO of HCPHC, said their desire for Hancock County through the CTAP program is for every student to have continued access to educational programs and gain the skills and training needed to enter the local workforce.

“The more students who receive post secondary education and training will help to fulfill jobs we have available in Hancock County and create a pipeline for years to come allowing us to recruit more high paying employers to the county,” LaFontaine said.

Lara Bowman, Director of Development at HCPHC, explained that this program has grown significantly from the year before. She said that they have more students that are enrolling at PRCC, which is something important they wanted to accomplish. 

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