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Hancock County’s Stennis Airport...

Hancock County’s Stennis Airport announces $1.2 million construction of new jet engine run-up pad

By: Frank Corder - February 10, 2023

Hancock County's Stennis International Airpark (from Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission website)

Floore Industrial Contractors, Inc., of Moss Point was the low bidder and will be overseeing the construction.

The Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission announced on Friday the construction of a new jet engine run-up pad at Stennis International Airport.

The locally funded project represents an investment of $1,231,275 million. It includes new pavement and specialized fittings to perform high-powered jet engine run-up capacity testing. Floore Industrial Contractors, Inc., of Moss Point was the low bidder and will be overseeing the construction.

According to the Hancock Commission, the new run-up pad will increase capacity for testing and certification of powerful engines, such as the Northrop T-38 Talon among others. It will expand capabilities at the site for current and new programs with key civil and defense partners. 

“Stennis Airport will be one of the only general aviation airports in the country with the capability to test jet engines of this caliber,” said Blaine LaFontaine, Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission Executive Director, in a release. “These tests and certifications allow our Department of Defense partners to maintain American and allied forces’ warfighting advantage. It will also give general aviation customers a place to test their engines.”

The new development supports the Foreign Military Sales program, located at the heart of the I-10 Aerospace Corridor. The Commission notes that the project follows years of investment into the Mississippi Gulf Coast and adds to the area’s pivotal role in aerospace and defense.

The engine run-up pad will be located on the south end of Stennis Airport’s 8,500-foot runway. Upon completion, a series of at least 25 tests are planned by the airport tenant and Department of Defense contractor Tyonek.

“The construction of this run-up pad will significantly increase the capability for our facilities at Stennis International Airport,” said Paul Stein, Vice President, Tyonek Services Group. “Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission is a valued partner, and we look forward to future opportunities.

The project will begin on February 13th with an estimated completion date of April 27th. 

The Stennis Airport has an 8,500-ft. runway that is equipped to handle the world’s largest aircraft.

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