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MS03: Democrat candidate Young...

MS03: Democrat candidate Young challenges incumbent GOP Congressman Guest to debate

By: Frank Corder - September 16, 2022

Left: Shuwaski Young. Right: Michael Guest.

Young’s letter throws a litany of rhetoric against the wall, seemingly in the hopes that something would stick in the minds of voters.

The Democratic Party nominee for Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District is challenging the incumbent Republican Congressman to two debates between the dates of October 8th and November 2nd.

Shuwaski Young was unopposed in the Democratic Primary earlier this year while Congressman Michael Guest was forced into a Republican Primary Runoff which he won, making him the GOP nominee.

Now, with the November Midterm General Election just weeks away and little energy in the race down the stretch, the Democrat challenger is desperately trying to gin up some opportunity to distinguish himself from his opponent on a public stage.

In a campaign release this week of a letter Young addressed to Guest, the Democrat called on the Congressman to debate him while attempting to throw a litany of campaign rhetoric against the wall, seemingly in the hopes that something would stick in the minds of voters in the 3rd District.

Young starts by saying that he missed Guest speaking at the Neshoba County Fair.  However, Guest did appear at the Fair but was not on the political speaking schedule due to his Congressional duties in D.C.

The Democrat candidate then goes on to opine as to what voters in the 3rd District want to see in Congress, including less anti-abortion measures.

“Due to compound threats like spiking housing costs, democracy threats, and anti-abortion measures, the people I have encountered in our neighborhoods and towns tell me they want to see leaders expand their freedoms. They do not like seeing big government shrink their liberties every time the chance arrives. They want to see a government that works,” Young writes to Guest.

There has been no word from Guest’s team as to whether he plans to appear with Young ahead of the November 8th election.

You can read Young’s full letter to Guest here.

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