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The 2022 Neshoba County Fair political...

The 2022 Neshoba County Fair political speaking schedule is out!

By: Anne Summerhays - July 14, 2022

“Mississippi’s Giant Houseparty” will start on Friday, July 22, and conclude on Friday, July 29.

The 2022 Neshoba County Fair will kick off on Friday, July 22nd. “Mississippi’s Giant Houseparty” features, entertainment, rides, games, food, horse races and political speeches.

In the Neshoba County Fair’s 2022 program, State Representative Scott Bounds, who serves President of the Neshoba County Fair Association, said that he is excited, “about serving you as President of this grand tradition we all embrace.”

Rep. Scott Bounds, District 44

“The 2022 fair promises top notch nightly entertainment,” Representative Bounds said. “Rodeo action and exciting horse racing on Mississippi’s first licensed horse racing track. Livestock shows. Outstanding crop, home and 4-H exhibits. Carnival and “fair food” opportunities! And, political speaking at Mississippi’s most revered political stump. But make no mistake; it’s the cabin and camping atmosphere that brings back generations for a week of family, fellowship, food and fun.”

Every year, sitting public officials and candidates for public office from the the local, state and national levels meet to speak at Founder’s Square.

“In 1980, the Republican nominee for President and later President of the United States, the late Ronald Reagan, opened his general election campaign by speaking at the Neshoba County Fair. Senator John Glenn campaigned at the Fair in 1983. The Fair has seen the likes of Michael Dukakis, Sonny Montgomery, Donald Trump Jr. and many more. Mississippi’s U S Senate and U S House members will adjust their schedules for The opportunity to address the Fair’s political patrons,” the Neshoba County Fair Association website noted.

This year’s lineup of public and political speakers will take place on Wednesday, July 27, and Thursday, July 28.  Y’all Politics will be covering speeches live.


Wednesday, July 27

9:00 a.m.- Honorable Steven Kilgore (R), District Attorney, 8th Circuit Court District
9:10 a.m.- Hon. Joey Kilgore, Chancery Judge, 6th Chancery Court District
9:20 a.m.- Hon. Mark Duncan, Circuit Judge, 8th Circuit Court District
9:30 a.m.- Hon. Michael T. Evans (Independent), State Representative, District 45
9:40 a.m.- Hon. Jenifer Branning (R), State Senator, District 18
9:50 a.m.- Hon. C. Scott Bounds (R), State Representative, District 44
10:00 a.m.- Shuwaski Young (D), candidate for U S House of Representatives, MS-03
10:10 a.m.- BREAK
10:20 a.m.- Honorable Mike Chaney (R), Insurance Commissioner, State of Mississippi
10:30 a.m.- Hon. Delbert Hosemann (R), Lt. Governor, State of Mississippi

Thursday, July 28

9:00 a.m.- Honorable Brent Bailey (R), Public Service Comm., Central Dist.
9:10 a.m.- Hon. David McRae (R), Treasurer, State of Mississippi
9:20 a.m.- Hon. Shad White (R), State Auditor, State of Mississippi
9:30 a.m.- Hon. Michael Watson (R), Secretary of State, State of Mississippi
9:40 a.m.- Hon. Andy Gipson (R), Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce, State of MS
9:50 a.m.- BREAK
10:00 a.m.- Hon. Lynn Fitch (R), Attorney General, State of Mississippi
10:10 a.m.- Hon. Willie Simmons (D), Transportation Commissioner, Central District
10:20 a.m.- Hon. Philip Gunn (R), Speaker, Mississippi House of Representatives
10:30 a.m.- Hon. Tate Reeves (R), Governor, State of Mississippi

You can view the full schedule of daily events for the Neshoba County Fair HERE.

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