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AFP-MS drops the price of gas in...

AFP-MS drops the price of gas in Forest, Mississippi

By: Anne Summerhays - June 27, 2022

AFP-MS will roll the price of gas back to $2.38, the price per gallon the day before President Biden took office.

The Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi (AFP-MS) has announced that on June 28, 2022, they will be rolling back the price of gas at Cox Chevron, in Forest, Mississippi.

AFP-MS is dropping the price of gas to $2.38, the average price per gallon the day before President Joe Biden took office, to offset the impacts of inflation and record-high gas prices.

According to AFP’s The True Cost of Washington campaign, Americans across the country can expect to spend an extra $5,200 to maintain the same standard of living as last year, and an extra $1,433 for gasoline due to skyrocketing inflation.

“Washington’s reckless spending and crushing regulations have caused inflation to skyrocket, leaving Mississippians paying more at the grocery store and gas pump,” AFP-MS said in a press release.

Starla Brown, AFP-MS State Director, said that years of reckless spending in Washington has left Americans facing skyrocketing inflation.

“As part of the True Cost of Washington campaign, Americans for Prosperity is giving Mississippians a break at the gas pump and sharing ways to drive down costs. We’re committed to fighting for real solutions to rein in inflation and gas prices,” Brown said.

According to a poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies as part of AFP’s True Cost of Washington campaign:

  • 75% of Americans reported that rising prices had impacted their own purchasing decisions over the last year.
  • Across the board, survey participants agreed that government policies were causing price hikes on everything from gas (80%) to food (76%) to health care (74%) to home energy (73%).
  • 73% said that the massive increase in government spending the past two years has been a major cause of these higher prices.
  • 74% believe that continued high levels of government spending in Washington would cause prices to keep rising.

AFP’s poll found that 61% blame President Biden and his policies for rising prices. Regarding the president’s decision to cancel the Keystone pipeline, 63% said the president should reverse that decision and allow construction to be completed.

“Americans clearly understand the role out-of-control government spending has played in driving prices higher, and they want something done about it. There is no justification for Washington to continue spending as if we were in the middle of a crisis,” said Akash Chougule, Vice President at Americans for Prosperity. “While the president blames higher prices on Vladimir Putin, Americans rightly blame him and his policies. It’s time for the administration to change course by tackling wasteful Washington spending and truly unleashing energy abundance.”

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