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Mississippi, U.S. reach new all-time...

Mississippi, U.S. reach new all-time high gas prices to start Summer 2022

By: Frank Corder - June 1, 2022

The average price of gas per gallon in Mississippi is up $1.50 since last year, now sits at $4.20.

As summer officially begins across the country following Memorial Day, the price at the pump continues to increase, reaching new high average marks in Mississippi and in the U.S.

Today, June 1st, according to AAA, Mississippi’s new high average reached $4.205 per gallon for regular unleaded. That is up 3 cents from the prior day and $1.50 from one year ago on the same day.

The following five counties are reporting the highest average prices in the state:

  • Clairborne County – $4.632
  • Jefferson County – $4.399
  • Noxubee County – $4.368
  • Kemper County – $4.366
  • Tunica County – $4.355

The cheapest gas in the state can be found in Humphreys County at $3.999.

Overall, Mississippi remains in the cheapest states across the U.S. for gas.  It is the 4th cheapest, according to AAA, with Georgia ($4.163), Arkansas ($4.190), and Kansas (4.192) ahead of the Magnolia State for the lowest average in the nation.

In the U.S., the new high average mark now sits at $4.671 per gallon. That is up 5 cents from yesterday and $1.62 from last year.

The top five states with the highest average per gallon are:

  • California – $6.194
  • Hawaii – $5.442
  • Nevada – $5.338
  • Washington – $5.249
  • Oregon – $5.237

The start of June also marks the beginning of the 2022 Hurricane Season.

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