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MS02: Republican candidate Eller...

MS02: Republican candidate Eller believes district, D.C. needs a change

By: Frank Corder - April 8, 2022

Eller, a retired Army Captain, says he couldn’t stand on the sidelines while career politicians radically change the fabric of America.

Ron Eller, a cardiothoracic physician assistant, small businessman, and retired Army Captain, has thrown his name in the hat in the June Republican Primary for Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District.

Eller knows it will be an uphill battle if he is the GOP nominee, as he would then face entrenched Democratic incumbent Congressman Bennie Thompson in the November General Election. Thompson has been untouchable in re-election campaigns since he began serving in 1993.

Eller served 20 years in the Army on active duty before retiring as a Captain. He began as a “Combat Medic 91B” and rose to being a Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant and a Medical Officer. In the late 80’s, he transitioned from the enlisted ranks as a Sergeant First Class to a Warrant Officer and then eventually becoming a Commissioned Officer.

After retiring from the military, Eller and his family moved to Mississippi where he helped establish the cardiac surgery program in Vicksburg, as well as performing some of the first endoscopic vein harvesting procedures done in the state. He continues to work in cardiac and thoracic surgery at St. Dominic’s Hospital in Jackson.

Over the years, Eller also started his own business, Buck Warrior Enterprises, and is the CEO of the outdoor manufacturing company.

Eller said he could not stand on the sidelines while career politicians seek to radically change the fabric of America with one-party rule.

Hear more about why Eller is running and where he stands on issues by watching the interview below.

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