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After visiting the Southern border, AG...

After visiting the Southern border, AG Fitch says the Biden Administration becoming the “marketing arm of the cartels”

By: Frank Corder - February 1, 2022

The Mississippi Attorney General talks with Y’all Politics on her border visit, Equal Pay, and backs anti-COVID vaccine mandate bills in the Legislature. Watch the interview.

In an interview with Y’all Politics on Tuesday, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch said the Biden Administration is becoming the “marketing arm of the cartels.” Her comments come after joining Texas Governor Greg Abbott and 13 other Attorneys General on a tour of the Southern border where she says the scene is “horrific.”

Fitch says all states are now border states as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are flowing through the border and being transported to areas all across the nation by the Biden Administration. Thus far, Mississippi does not appear to be a landing ground for those persons just yet.

“To our knowledge, we don’t know of anybody that’s come through, specifically, and landed here,” the Attorney General said. “But look, the Biden Administration, they’re trying to bring them in in the middle of the night, put them on busses, infiltrate them into different communities where they’re not being noticed.”

Fitch says illegal weapons and drugs are flowing into America from the Southern border, which should be a cause for concern for President Joe Biden, but it appears it is not.

“He doesn’t care about the people in Mississippi. He doesn’t care about what’s happening to our citizens across the country,” AG Fitch said.

Since President Biden took office, Fitch’s office has joined in 52 lawsuits and sent over five dozen letters to the Administration challenging their actions and overreach. She says her office will continue to fight on behalf of Mississippi’s interests.

“We’re seeing time and time again that Biden has totally overreached. He’s misdirected federal funds just to meet his agenda and his special interest groups that are the liberal special interest groups, and he’s done that all at the demise of the American citizens,” Fitch said. “We certainly want to protect the interest of people here in Mississippi.”

The Attorney General also commented on a few bills making their way through the Mississippi Legislature this session. One of those is Equal Pay, an issue Fitch has long advocated for in the state. She said she was elated at the prospect of a bill addressing this topic getting passed and signed into law this year.

Further, Attorney General Fitch spoke in support Mississippi lawmakers “being a unified front” with her office, pushing back on the Biden Administration’s COVID vaccine mandates and passing bills to prohibit such mandates here.

Watch the full interview with Attorney General Fitch below.

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