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Governor Reeves following MS Senate...

Governor Reeves following MS Senate vote: “Critical Race Theory must be kept out of our classrooms”

By: Frank Corder - January 21, 2022

Reeves wants students to receive an education free from the radical, divisive ideology of CRT.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has said he is adamantly opposed to Critical Race Theory “sneaking into our curriculums in the state of Mississippi.”

This past summer, Reeves said he was prepared to sign legislation to prevent it from being taught in schools. With the passage of SB 2113 in the Mississippi Senate today, Governor Reeves may get that chance.

The bill, which essentially prohibits the ideals of CRT from being taught in any state public schools, including charter schools, community colleges and universities, received a 32-2 vote in the state Senate.

Members of the Senate Black Caucus chose to stage a walkout after Senate Democratic Leader Derrick Simmons called for a roll call vote. The group believed the bill to be unnecessary and racial divisive.

Yet, as Senator Chris McDaniel (R) pointed out, the bill clearly reasserted that all persons are equal.

“If this bill was introduced in the 1950s, it’s seen as the most dynamic piece of civil rights legislation in this state’s history,” McDaniel said during the floor debate.

The theatrics by the Black Caucus walking out during the vote easily wrote headlines which were quickly sprayed across social media.

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Y’all Politics reached out to Governor Reeves to get his thoughts on the debate in the Senate today.

Reeves said he remains prepared to do everything in his power to see that students receive an “unbiased education” free from the radical, divisive ideology of CRT.

“If we want Mississippi’s students to receive a quality education free from the divisive ideology of a small group of radicals, Critical Race Theory must be kept out of our classrooms,” Governor Reeves told Y’all Politics. “I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure our children receive an unbiased education that prepares them for meaningful careers and future success.”

The bill now heads to the Mississippi House where Speaker Philip Gunn (R) has also voiced strong opposition to CRT in state schools. The supermajority of Republicans in that chamber could concur on this bill and send it to Governor Reeves’ desk in short order.

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