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Neshoba County Fair live and in person,...

Neshoba County Fair live and in person, just around the corner

By: Sarah Ulmer - July 6, 2021

The Fair kicks off July 23 until July 30.

It’s that time of year again, time for the Neshoba County Fair (NCF). Each year the fair features, entertainment, rides, games, food, horse races and of course the political speeches.

This year’s musical artists include Hardy, Trace Adkins, Jordan Davis and Riley Green.

The NCF has been happening since 1889, and was first referred to as the Coldwater Fair. It was later rebranded in 1891 as a private corporation called the Neshoba County Stock and Agricultural Fair Association. At that time, it was also moved to its current site.

One of the events on the agenda that has earned Neshoba much of its fame are the political speeches that happen every year. Neshoba has hosted major public figures on the platform such as Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp and John Glenn. Donald Trump Jr. appeared at the Fair a few years back as well. The political forum was first introduced by Governor McLaurin in 1896 when he spoke at the Fair.

This year’s lineup of public and political speakers has officially been released. You can catch them on Wednesday, July 28, and Thursday, July 29.

The political speaking itinerary is as follows: 

Wednesday, July 28

9:00 – Honorable Steven Kilgore (R), District Attorney, 8th Circuit Court District

9:10 – Hon. Caleb May, Circuit Judge, 8th Circuit Court District

9:20 – Hon. Mark Duncan, Circuit Judge, 8th Circuit Court District

9:30 – Hon. Joey Kilgore, Chancery Judge, 6th Chancery Court District

9:40 – Hon. Michael T. Evans (I) State Representative, District 45

9:50 –  Hon. Jenifer Branning (R), State Senator, District 18

10:10 – Hon. C. Scott Bounds (R), State Representative, District 44

10:20 – Hon. Willie Simmons (D), Transportation Commissioner, Central District

10:30 – Hon. Delbert Hosemann (R), Lt. Governor, State of Mississippi

Thursday, July 29

9:30 – Honorable Brent Bailey (R), Public Service Commissioner, Central District

9:40 – Hon. Kenny Griffis, Supreme Court Justice, District 1, Place 1

9:50 – Hon. Mike Chaney (R), Insurance Commissioner, State of Mississippi

10:00 – Hon. Shad White (R) State Auditor, State of Mississippi

10:10 – Hon. Michael Watson (R), Secretary of State, State of Mississippi

10:20 – Hon. Lynn Fitch (R), Attorney General, State of Mississippi

10:30 – Hon. Philip Gunn, (R), Speaker, Mississippi House of Representatives

10:40 – Hon. Tate Reeves (R), Governor, State of Mississippi


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