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Biden’s gun control measures draw...

Biden’s gun control measures draw reaction from Mississippi political leaders

By: Frank Corder - April 9, 2021

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced steps to “curb the epidemic of gun violence” in the United States, a problem he believes is also a public health crisis.

“Every day in this country, 316 people are shot.  Every single day.  A hundred and six of them die every day,” President Biden said in the White House Rose Garden surrounded by Administration officials, Congressional leaders, and families of those who have died, referencing recent incidences in Georgia and Colorado. “This is an epidemic, for God’s sake. And it has to stop.”

The President said he asked Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice to identify “immediate, concrete actions I could can take now without having to go through the Congress.”

Biden listed reining in the “proliferation” of “ghost guns,” kits firearms enthusiasts use to make their own weapons are home. He wants those kits listed as firearms under the Gun Control Act. The President also wants increased reporting by the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) on firearms trafficking and stabilizer braces on pistols subject to the National Firearms Act.

In addition, President Biden announced he wanted to see increased “red flag laws” put on the books to allow persons to petition a court to have firearms removed from certain individuals the court finds could be a danger to themselves or others.

“I want to see a national red flag law and legislation to incentivize states to enact their own red flag laws,” Biden said. “Today, I asked the Justice Department to publish a model red flag legislation so states can start crafting their own laws right now.  Just like with background checks, the vast majority of Americans support these extreme risk protection order laws, and it’s time to put these laws on the books and protect even more people.”

The President then incorrectly stated that guns bought at a gun show are not subject to background checks.

“Most people don’t know: If you walk into a store and you buy a gun, you have a background check,” Biden stated, adding, “But you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want and no background check.”

Biden said there is no reason someone needs a “weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets that can be fired from that weapon,” referring to his desire to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Mississippi Leaders React

Mississippi political leaders commented on President Biden’s announcement on gun control. See below for their reactions. Others will be added as they are received by Y’all Politics:

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann’s Office

Leah Smith, Deputy Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Hosemann, said:

“We haven’t reviewed these particular executive orders yet, but the number of executive orders issued since the inauguration is very troubling. The Lt. Governor continues to be an avid supporter and defender of the Second Amendment, is a lifetime member of the NRA, and is a former recipient of the Kirk Fordice Freedom Award from the Central Mississippi Chapter of the NRA.”

Attorney General Lynn Fitch

“The Biden-Harris Administration announced an all-of-government assault on the Second Amendment this week. We are in the process of evaluating the best plan of action to protect your rights. Like the rest of the Biden-Harris power grab, we won’t stand idly by while they trample your freedoms.”

Senator Roger Wicker

“President Biden does not have the authority to chip away at Second Amendment rights. The Constitution clearly protects the right to bear arms, which has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Curtailing this freedom for law-abiding citizens would not be an effective answer to the problems confronting our nation.”

Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4)

“President Biden’s executive orders have killed jobs, hurt our economy, and stripped states of their power. Now, he’s launching an agenda that may make millions of Americans felons overnight for exercising their constitutional right to bear arms. The Biden-Harris administration’s push to eliminate your Second Amendment right is not only unconstitutional, it is un-American.

“I was the first Member of Congress to introduce a formal censure of Obama when he issued executive orders attacking the Second Amendment and will be carefully reviewing these executive orders to determine if similar action is warranted.”

Congressman Michael Guest (MS-3)

”President Biden has again chosen divisive rhetoric over unity. The President expressed support for several proposals that are concerning to Second Amendment advocates. I will continue to fight to protect the rights granted to every American through our Constitution.”

Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson

“Like all ‘gun control’ measures, the Biden Administration’s recent proposals will do nothing to keep criminals and bad actors from committing crimes.  The only effects of these proposals would be to further restrict law abiding citizens’ constitutional freedoms to keep and bear arms in defense of our lives, families and homes.  

“I spent eight years fighting back against this type of federal overreach under the Obama administration, and now is the time to push back once again.”

Frank Bordeaux, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party

“Contrary to the President’s statement, amendments to the U.S. Constitution ARE absolute.

“Our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution to give Americans the right to protect themselves and their families from threats and tyrants.

“This is just another attempt by the Left to strip away our constitutional rights, and I’m confident that Republicans in Congress will fight this every step of the way.”

In addition, Congressman Trent Kelly (MS-1) commented on potential gun control measures coming out of D.C. back in March, writing on Facebook:

“In Mississippi, gun ownership is a tradition for scores of families, including my own. They provide protection and put food on the table – as they have for generations. Our forefathers authored the Second Amendment; a Constitutional right Americans have fought to preserve. As your Representative, I will do everything in my power to protect our right to keep and bear arms.”

Y’all Politics also spoke with Mike Hurst on Friday. He is the former U.S. Attorney for Mississippi’s Southern District. Hurst called Biden’s actions “red herrings” that do not address the real problems. Watch what he had to say below.

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