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Commissioner Brent Bailey & Atmos Energy Present Check to Lauderdale County School District

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 1, 2020

Atmos Energy and Public Service Commissioner Brent Bailey made a $14,600 check presentation to the Lauderdale County School District for the purchase of energy-efficient equipment at Clark Attendance Center, Northeast Middle School and Northeast High School. Under the direction of the Mississippi Public Service Commission, Atmos Energy has implemented energy efficiency programs for customers since 2014. The Atmos Energy SmartChoice program helps to foster increased access to energy efficient products and technologies for all customers throughout Mississippi. 

Commissioner Brent Bailey

“The Lauderdale County School District’s utilization of Atmos Energy’s energy efficiency programs at these three schools resulted in a $14,600 rebate and saves an annual estimate of $7,000 that can be reinvested into the schools to help improve the students’ learning environment,” said Brent Bailey, Mississippi Public Service Commissioner for the Central District. “By being more energy efficient, the savings from improved energy performance can help pay for supplies, building improvements and other upgrades that enhances each school.”

Project specifics:

  • Replaced 18 furnaces with 96% AFUE models, over 300 programmable thermostats and 5 energy efficient condensing water heaters in cafeterias.
  • The natural gas furnaces are replacing 80% AFUE furnaces that are over 15 years old and are paired with 16 SEER AC units for additional energy savings.
  • The 300+ programmable thermostats are connected to a new energy management system that the facility staff can control from one hub. This allows school officials to have greater control of the operation of the units.
  • The condensing tank water heaters for the cafeteria are 94% thermal efficient and use the latent heat that would be wasted in order to heat the water for cooking and cleaning. These cafeterias use a large amount of hot water so the savings will be substantial from these water heaters.
  • The total rebate is $14,600 and the total therms saved is 14,015 annually.  This is an estimated savings of over $7,000 annually on the schools utility bills.

“During the 2019 school year, the Lauderdale County School District (LCSD) entered into an energy efficiency renewal program with the energy services, sustainability, and solar development company known as Entegrity,” said Dr. John-Mark Cain,  Superintendent of Lauderdale County School District. “Working with local contractors, Entegrity was able to take advantage of local tax credits offered by Atmos Energy for replacing older furnaces, thermostats, inefficient water heaters, and install new HVAC digital integration.  These upgrades will save the LCSD over $7,000 annually and netted a rebate of $14,600 dollars for the district.  We are delighted to have the fine people at Atmos Energy recognize our efforts and we thank them for their partnership.”

“Atmos Energy recognizes that energy costs are a large expense for school districts across our service area,” said Mathew Davidson, Vice President of Rates and Regulatory. “Addressing these costs through the SmartChoice program, gives school officials an opportunity to spend less on energy and more on students.”

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