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#GASen: Democrat Ossoff wants...

#GASen: Democrat Ossoff wants Republicans Loeffler, Perdue to require masks at campaign events

By: Frank Corder - November 23, 2020

Democrat Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff running against Republican Senator David Perdue in the upcoming January runoff is calling on both Perdue and his Republican colleague Senator Kelly Loeffler, who is also running in the runoff, to require attendants at their campaign events to wear masks.

Ossof says he and Loeffler’s Democrat opponent Raphael Warnock are holding outdoor campaign events with “urged social distancing and strong mask requirements.”  Ossoff says the Republicans need to follow CDC guidelines and cease crowding people into rallies, adding that they need to be held accountable.

Sen. Loeffler took two COVID tests on Friday morning. According to her campaign, the Senator’s rapid test results were negative and she was cleared to attend Friday’s events. However, she was informed later in the evening after public events on Friday that her test came back positive, but she was retested Saturday morning after conferring with medical officials and those results came back inconclusive on Saturday evening.

Loeffler’s campaign issued this statement on Sunday:

“Senator Loeffler’s previously inconclusive PCR results were retested overnight and the results thankfully came back negative.

“Out of an abundance of caution, she will continue to self-isolate and be retested again to hopefully receive consecutive negative test results. We will share those results as they are made available. She will continue to confer with medical experts and follow CDC guidelines.”

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