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Mississippi House Democrats Support...

Mississippi House Democrats Support Removal of the State Flag

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 15, 2020

The following was a press release sent out by the Mississippi House Democratic Caucus:

In the last few weeks, our members have received thousands of calls and emails regarding the removal of our current state flag. The Mississippi House Democratic Caucus agrees that this change is long overdue and plans to support any measures aimed at changing our flag.

The link between our current state flag and the Confederacy is inextricable. A flag should be a unifying symbol; not an embodiment of division. In a state with a 38-percent African American population, a flag flying the Confederate battle emblem is divisive. The time has come for us to fly a flag that all Mississippians can rally behind.

Many of us have worked on this issue for years, and we have a unique opportunity to make a drastic statement to the rest of America. For too long, Mississippi has held the infamous reputation of being “behind the times”. By changing our flag, we can make the statement to the rest of America and the world that Mississippi is ready and willing to move forward.

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