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MS Republican Congressmen oppose...

MS Republican Congressmen oppose Speaker Pelosi’s War Powers Resolution

By: Frank Corder - January 10, 2020

Mississippi’s three Republican Congressmen spoke out against a War Powers Resolution aimed at limiting President Donald Trump’s ability to act against Iran.

The non-binding measure passed 224-194 with Republicans Thomas Massie (Kentucky), Matt Gaetz (Florida) and Francis Rooney (Florida) joining Democrats to pass the action.

Eight Democrats voted against it.

Congressman Steven Palazzo took to the House floor to speak against the resolution, saying, “President Trump was absolutely right to respond and acted within his Constitutional authority to protect American citizens. He owes no one an apology. Feelings can be healed but dead Americans cannot be resurrected.”

Congressman Trent Kelly tweeted his displeasure with the resolution.

Congressman Michael Guest has “adopted an aggressive, proactive approach” against those who seek to cause us harm.

“The actions of our President and our military have damaged Iran’s ability to sow unrest in the Middle East, and we have no doubt saved countless lives by removing a terrorist with the capabilities to harm our nation,” Guest added.  “We must continue to support our troops serving abroad who protect our nation, and we must remain vigilant in our fight against terrorism and our ongoing efforts to bring lasting peace to the Middle East.”

Guest spoke on the House floor supporting the President’s actions.

The other Mississippi Congressman, Democrat Bennie Thompson, supported the resolution but has not yet issued a statement or social media post on his vote of approval.

However, Thompson did tweet this last week following the U.S. action in Iraq that killed Iranian General Soleimani:

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