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YP Daily Roundup 6/24/19

YP Daily Roundup 6/24/19

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 24, 2019

Sen. Wicker comments on nomination of Esper as Defense Secretary


WJTV – Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves campaign office officially opens

Congressman Guest goes behind the scenes with US Capitol Police


WTOK – On the Record – Mississippi House District 83 race

See the source imageA Look at the Candidates with Host – Pat Peterson, News Director, WTOK.
Guests:Greg Snowden(R), MS House District 83, Incumbent
Billy Adam Calvert(R), MS House District 83, Candidate

Watch Part 1 here.

Watch Part 2 here.

Watch Part 3 here.

Watch Part 4 here.

WXXV – Mississippi leaders to discuss Bonnet Carre Spillway with US Army Corps of Engineers

Congressman Thompson retweets AOC


MML Conference gets underway on Coast


MBJ – Bill Crawford: Charter School suit exposes state overreach

The state established charter schools outside the normal public school domain. They do not answer to local elected school boards and have their own state agency, not the Mississippi Department of Education. In setting them up, the state mandated that local schools transfer funds to charter schools, so much per local student attending the charter school. This includes a share of local tax revenue as well as state revenue.

Now, remember that local elected school boards set property tax millage rates based on what the regular public schools need to operate. Maximum millage and annual increases are also limited by state mandates.

Parents of students in Jackson public schools have sued the state for taking their local tax money and giving it to charter schools in the city.

The state contends school money, state and local, should follow the students.

Local school advocates contend, since neither local voters nor local school boards had a say in the establishment or operation of these charter schools, just the state, tax money local school boards authorized should stick with the schools for which the money was intended.

Governor congratulates new Miss Mississippi


HATTIESBURG AMERICAN – A county supervisors got behind on his property taxes. Here’s what he has to say about it.

The 2017 tornado hit the Hattiesburg area pretty hard, with hundreds of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed. Among those were Southern Lanes bowling alley in Petal and the former skating rink next door.

Forrest County Supervisor Burkett Ross, who is part owner of the properties, said the bowling alley was closed for more than 100 days after the storm, while he put on a new roof and made other repairs.

Because of having no income and a $30,000 roof replacement, the property taxes on the sites, totalling more than $15,000, haven’t been paid the last few years.

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