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Downballot campaign finance reports for...

Downballot campaign finance reports for 2019 have come through

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 10, 2019

Friday, May 10 2019, was the second deadline for candidates in 2019 election to file campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State’s office. Below is a list of all candidates for statewide races, minus the governor’s race. You can find that information here:

Campaign finance report for the 2019 Governor’s race are in 

Attorney General

For the Attorney General’s race, Republicans have Andy Taggart, Lynn Fitch, and Mark Baker headed to the Primary. Democrats show Jackson attorney Jennifer Riley-Collins will represent the party in November.

Republican candidate Andy Taggart, showed through Andy Taggart for Attorney General, a total of $308,176.08 in contributions for the current year with a cash on hand balance of $223,161.29. The campaign had made disbursements of just over $85K and is also reporting an in-kind contribution of over $50,000.

Another Republican candidate and current Mississippi Treasurer, Lynn Fitch, reported $259,106.99 in total year to date contributions. The Fitch campaign cash on hand balance came to $431,117.73.

Current House of Representatives member, Mark Baker, showed campaign contributions of $75,357.53 for the current year to date period. He has a total cash on hand of $368,200.47. Baker showed disbursements of over $86k.

Jennifer Riley Collins, who will take the Democratic nomination, reported $29,384 in campaign contributions with disbursements of just over $10k. She showed a total of $18,387 cash on hand at the end of the January 1 to April 30 period.

Lieutenant Governor 

Being one of the most influential positions in state government, this years race for the Lieutenant Governor’s seat was one of the smallest among the statewide races. Republicans will vote between current Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and Shane Quick, whereas current Representative, Jay Hughes, still be the Democrat’s November ticket nominee.

Delbert Hosemann reported that he pulled in $2.74 million cash on hand in the deadlines campaign finance report. He raised over $366,000 in donations in four months of the campaign this year. There were more than 330 donors for the finance period.

“We continue to be encouraged by the support Mississippians have conveyed for our candidacy,” Hosemann said. “A strong economy, accessible healthcare, quality education system, and solid infrastructure—these are at the top of our priority list, and the message is resonating with citizens from Corinth to the Coast. Together, we can ensure a better future in Mississippi for our children and grandchildren.”

Democratic candidate Jay Hughes filed a total of $391,806.81 year to date contributions under ‘Jay Hughes for Mississippi.’ That account had an ending total of over $162k cash on hand for the end of the filing period and featured a 2/1/19 disbursement of $325K. He had expenditures that totaled just over $644k between January 1 and April 30.  Another filing under ‘J.P. Hughes’ listed -$860k cash on hand and total YTD contributions of $325k.

Lesser known Republican Shane Quick filed a total of $101 raised, with that same amount cash on hand.

Secretary of State 

The Secretary of State’s race consists of two candidates per party. Republicans Michael Watson and Sam Britton will face off in the August Primary, while Johnny Dupree and Maryra Hodges Hunt will battle for the Democratic nomination.

Republican Michael Watson reported nearly $200k in contributions through Committee to Elect Michael Watson. He also showed $500k cash on hand. In other campaign contributions he reported $2,189.10.

Candidate committee for Republican Secretary of State hopeful, Sam Britton, reported total contributions of over $524k with an ending cash on hand balance of $394,686.31. The current Public Service Commissioner also filed personal contributions of $500,000, and in his official campaign he showed disbursements of $250,000 with a $10,947.90 cash on hand balance.

Democrat Johnny Dupree reported a total of $20,010 raised since January 1 with over $16k spent from the campaign. That leaves him with a total of $3,392.46 cash on hand after this financial period.

Fellow Democrat Maryra Hodges Hunt showed $357.61 raised this period with a zero cash on hand balance.


Republican David McRae is reporting $363,158.31 cash-on-hand. That’s after $609,348 in contributions to date and $246,189.69 in disbursements. 

Republican Senator Buck Clarke disclosed $78,697.84 cash on hand. In January he reported $32,665.48 and brought in an additional 66,893.96 before disbursing $20,861.80.

Democrat Addie Green has reported $1,000 cash-on-hand for this reporting period from contributions raised since January.

Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce

Friends of Andy Gipson (Republican) is reporting $39,418.40. They ended the January reporting period with $13,019.40 and earned 39,149 before disbursing $12,750.

Friends of Rickey Cole (Democrat) has reported $22,127.52 cash-on-hand for this period. Contributions totaled $23,655.22 with expenditures totaling $1,527.70.

Public Service Commissioner

Friends of Nic Lott (Republican) (Central District) has disclosed $19,617.42 cash-on-hand. The committee reported $41,239 in contributions and $21,621.58 in disbursements.

Dane Maxwell (Republican) (Southern District)  is reporting $3,116.09 cash-on-hand. That’s after $58,625.00 in contributions and $57,759.86 in disbursements.

Kelvin Schulz (Southern District) is reporting $0 cash on hand balance after receiving contributions of and disbursing $500.

Brandon Presley, (Democrat) running unopposed in the Northern District, is disclosing $116,532.62 cash-on-hand for the reporting period. That’s after $90,690.00 in contributions and disbursements equalling $33,381.16.

Democrat Ryan Brown (Central District) is reporting $28,898.09 in cash-on-hand after fundraising $31,727.21 and spending $9,849.12. 

Democrat Bruce Burton is reporting $67 cash-on-hand for this reporting cycle.

Democrat Sugar Stallings (Southern District)  reported $500 cash-on-hand with $1,500 in contributions and $1,000 in disbursements. 

Democrat De’Keither Stamps is reporting $5,297.73 cash-on-hand with $34,020.75 contributions and $2,499.27 in disbursements. 

Transportation Commissioner

John Caldwell (Northern District) reported $6,650 raised with no cash-on-hand. He had disbursements of $2,245.40.

Joey Grist (Northern District) reported $32,837.04 in contributions with a balance of $30,688.21 cash-on-hand. Disbursements totaled $2,648.83.

Trey Bowman (Northern District) reported total contributions of $62,550 with disbursements of $10,000. Cash-on-hand was at $52,550.

Jeremy A. Martin (Northern District) reported total contributions at $50,640 with $20,934.38 cash-on-hand. Disbursements totaled just under $20k.

Geoffry O. Yoste (Northern District) reported total contributions for the year at $105,295. His cash-on-hand came to $95,499.71 with disbursements of $9,795.29.

Butch Lee (Central District) reported total contributions of $78,545 and an ending balance cash-on-hand of $61,445. Total disbursement came to $17,100.

Willie L. Simmons (Central District), Committee to Elect Willie Simmons to Transportation reported contributions of $53,550 with a total cash-on-hand of $19,356.35. The Committee to re-elect Willie Simmons showed contributions of $6,650 with $13,871.96 cash-on-hand.

Ricky Pennington Jr. (Central District) did not report any contributions or disbursements for the current election period.

Chad Toney (Southern District) reported $2,000 raised YTD with $1,842 in disbursements. Toney has a total of $157.96 cash-on-hand.

Tom King (Southern District) showed an ending cash-on-hand balance of $20,650. He has a total of $31,885 in contributions and $1315 in disbursements.

E.A. Hathcock (Southern District) reported nothing raised in the current election.

Tony Smith (Southern District) reported current contribution totals of $53,850 total disbursements of $32,470.65. Cash-on-hand was reported at $21,379.35.

Marcus L. Wallace (Central District) reported $13,200 in contributions with $917 cash-on-hand. Total disbursements of $12,283 were filed.

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