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Secretary of State’s Office release Campaign Finance Late-Filer List

By: Courtney Ingle - February 5, 2019

In accordance with Mississippi Code Section 23-15-817, the Secretary of State’s Office is required to publish a list of all candidates for Statewide or Legislative Office who failed to file a campaign finance disclosure report by the dates specified in Section 23-15-807(b).

Individuals who failed to timely file their campaign finance report by 5 p.m. on Thursday, January 31, 2019, and still have not filed their report to date include:

  • John Mosely
  • Stacey E. Pickering
  • Ron Williams
  • Sharon Gipson
  • Terry C. Burton (waiver request received)
  • Gregory Harris
  • Blake Ferretti
  • Robert Huddleston
  • Sara Richardson Thomas
  • Barbara Rose Brooks
  • Shannon Brown
  • Carolyn Steele
  • Jeanette Knighten-Washington
  • Bob Morrow
  • Charles Modley
  • Machelle Shelby Kyles
  • Aquillas Coleman
  • James Perry
  • Tammy Cotton
  • Adrienne Wooten
  • Christopher Purdum
  • Cemper Scott
  • America “Chuck” Middleton
  • Tyler K. Doss
  • Maurice Hudson
  • JoAnn Collins Smith
  • Ron Swindall
  • David W. Myers (deployed)
  • Tasha Dillon
  • Toby Barker
  • Ric McCluskey
  • Kathryn Rehner
  • Hunter Dawkins
  • Randy Easterling
  • Morris Mock (Friends of)
  • Hayes Patrick

Individuals who did not timely file their campaign finance report by 5 p.m. on Thursday, January 31, 2019, but have since filed with the Secretary of State’s Office include:

  • Mike Hurst
  • Tammy Felder Witherspoon
  • Daryl L. Porter, Jr.
  • Cedric Burnett

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