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Innovative legislative tracking service...

Innovative legislative tracking service Dragonfly launches in Mississippi

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 17, 2018

With the 2019 legislative session less than a month away, it’s safe to say governmental affairs staffers and consultants across Mississippi are rushing to prepare for a busy season in the state house. Fortunately for these politicos, Dragonfly, an innovative and affordable legislative tracking platform, is launching in Mississippi this month.

Dragonfly is the digital component of BillStatus, the legislative tracking service established in the mid-’90s as a response to the need for organized information coming from the Alabama Legislature.

Dragonfly can quickly and easily provide detailed custom reports and critical legislative updates. Whether you need a play-by-play of the action as it unfolds on the floor or a 10,000-foot view of state politics in Jackson, this platform will keep you informed with constant alerts and notifications.

According to Dragonfly owner Stephen Morris, the platform is best described as a “one-stop shop” for all legislative tracking and research needs.

The platform’s dashboard makes it easy to say goodbye to missing important votes, hearings and committee meetings as clients can immediately access all the information needed. In addition to receiving information, Dragonfly allows clients to save time and energy and enables them to email custom reports to stakeholders directly from the platform.

For anyone working in a group, Dragonfly’s Team Workspace feature takes the stress out of coordinating with your team. Bill amendments and daily to-dos can be seamlessly shared with your colleagues.

“No matter what the person’s role, every tool is there – track bills, create and email reports and bills, notifications, it’s all there,” Morris said.

With 25 years’ experience in legislative tracking, Dragonfly’s staff knows exactly what you need, when you need it. Whether it’s a special-order calendar, a bill’s status, committee schedules, or automatic reporting, Dragonfly will keep you up-to-date, all in one powerful platform.

For an added benefit, Dragonfly is currently offering Mississippi customers 25% off their services with the code MSdragonfly.

Find out how Dragonfly can simplify your legislative life and take the platform for a test drive at

Have questions? Email Dragonfly or call and speak to a member of their staff at 844-50-TRACK.


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