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Who says there’s no voter fraud? ...

Who says there’s no voter fraud? 25 counts of voter fraud indictments in Canton, Mississippi

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 6, 2018

As first reported by Jackson Jambalaya, the Madison County District Attorney’s office, led by Assistant DA Bryant Buckley, has handed down 15 indictments on 25 counts of voter fraud in Canton, Mississippi, stemming from complaints after the 2017 Canton Municipal elections.  And it appears more is on the way.  In a written statement, Buckley noted, “This is the first round (15 indictments, 25 counts). Round II will be served in a few weeks.”

Those implicated in the scheme include former Police Chief & Alderman Vicki McNeil, Deputy City Clerk Desmond King, and Canton School Board Member Courtney Rainey.

Voter Fraud Canton Indictments (Round 1) by yallpolitics on Scribd

The indictments spell out schemes to manipulate votes including the use of gift cards from retailers like WalMart, paying cash for votes, knowingly taking affidavit votes from felons, and knowingly soliciting affidavit votes from those ineligible to vote by residence.

The indictments are just one side of the legal case.


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