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O’Hara at Neshoba: Lower gas...

O’Hara at Neshoba: Lower gas prices, make schools safe, legalize marijuana

By: Courtney Ingle - August 2, 2018


Reform Party Candidate Shawn O’Hara used his time at the Neshoba County Fair Thursday to spell out his agenda if he were to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

O’Hara laid out the following list:

  1. Lower gas prices
  2. Make schools safe again
  3. Legalize marijuana for industrial, medical, and recreational use and tax it
  4. End childhood hunger
  5. Ban nuclear weapons
  6. Recruit and train 600,000 nursing students for free at Camp Shelby and 100 other locations in Mississippi
  7. Pay college students
  8. Close down “worthless agencies” like child protection agencies

The Reform Party Candidate suggested that the money made from marijuana could make schools safer.

“I don’t care if someone has one million acres of marijuana, as long as they’re paying taxes on it,” said O’Hara. “Use that money to put armed guards at our schools.”

O’Hara dedicated his campaign to three-year-old Jaden Virgil, who he claims was kidnapped from his 19-year-old mother and adopted out to a “white, wealthy medical doctor and his wife” through illegal means. He claims there were 30 felony offenses in an attempt to kidnap him.




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