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YP Daily Roundup 7/19/18

YP Daily Roundup 7/19/18

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 19, 2018

WJTV – Attorney General launches investigation into road controversy

CLARION LEDGER – Cities begin to rally for share of online sales tax, special legislative session

The cities of Columbus and Oxford on Tuesday night unanimously passed a resolution calling for municipalities to receive a share of online sales taxes and for Gov. Phil Bryant to call the Legislature into special session for lawmakers to pass such a measure.

Meanwhile, the Mississippi Municipal League is working to rally other cities in support of more state funding for local infrastructure in a potential late-summer special session.

State Rep. and announced AG candidate Mark Baker: Where you at Jim?


DAILY JOURNAL – New higher ed chiefs aims to improve all aspects of Mississippi

“My biggest goal is to raise the education attainment level here in Mississippi. When we’re compared to other states, we’re last in the nation in percentage of our citizens that have a bachelors degree,” Rankins said during an editorial board meeting at the Daily Journal on Wednesday morning. “If we can move that needle, we can make progress in addressing some of the socio-economic ills in the state. If we have more educated people in the state, we can raise the median household income. We can lower unemployment and lower health disparities.”

Rankins, who started his new role on July 1, is in the middle of a tour of Mississippi’s eight universities and their satellite campuses. In addition to four years as president at Alcorn, he worked as a professor at Mississippi State, acting president at Mississippi Valley State and the deputy commissioner for the Institutions of Higher Learning.

In speaking with administrators, teachers, parents and students, Rankins is spreading a message of inclusion and opportunity.

Sen. Hyde-Smith highlights Border Security Helicopters being built in Mississippi


Sen. Wicker: Turkish government should free Pastor Brunson immediately


#MSSen: McDaniel talks with Andrew Wilkow


WLBT – Mississippi is considering health care as an economic driver – Jackson, MS

Governor Bryant will tell you that the effort to expand health care options in Mississippi is something born out of necessity.

“We did not have the health care infrastructure that we needed for people in the state of Mississippi and so you saw those results in poor health outcomes,” noted Bryant.

Going back as far as 2012 and 2013, Bryant has pushed the idea of health care as an economic driver.

“Not only was there a need to provide health care to those who could not afford it,” added Bryant. “We worked diligently to help do that as often as we can, but also access to care. What we’ve got to have is more doctors, more nurses, more hospitals in the state.”

Those options have grown in the last six years with a school of osteopathic medicine at William Carey, a medical city on the coast, a new nursing program, and new medical school building at UMMC.

Bryant is also announcing Dr. Ben Carson will serve as this year’s keynote speaker at the upcoming Health Care Economic Development summit.

“I’d like for him to talk as one of the world’s most premier neurological surgeons,” said Bryant. “I know Dr. Carson. He is a doctor first.”

Ag Commissioner Gipson elected SUSTA Vice President


MSGOP trolls Democrat State Rep. Jay Hughes

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