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High Court strikes down sports betting...

High Court strikes down sports betting ban, meaning Mississippians could soon participate

By: Sarah Ulmer - May 14, 2018

It’s been around since the 90’s, a ban on sports betting. However, on Monday the U.S. Supreme Court nixed the ban, which means Mississippians could soon participate in sports betting as a legal activity.

Clay Chandler, Director of Communications for Governor Bryant said the Gov. Bryant recognizes the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision as the law of the land. As with any revenue stream, the governor will make sure taxpayer dollars are used to their maximum benefit and properly accounted for.

According to the Clarion Ledger the High Court ruled 7-2 that the 1992 law that blocked sports betting (except for Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana) is unconstitutional. The ruling has been fought over for years by several states, but it wasn’t till last year that the court decided to take up the issue.

This could have a significant effect on the gambling industry in Mississippi casinos. As per all betting, it will be regulated by the gaming commission, and could be officially allowed 45-60 days before football season.

A spokesperson for the Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, who has spoken out in the past of his opposition in adding more gambling facets like a statewide lottery, said the Speaker’s position is, “The Supreme Court has ruled. It is what it is.”

We have reached out to the Lt. Governor’s office, but have not heard back with a comment as of now.

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