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Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton withdraws...

Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton withdraws candidacy for #mssen special election

By: Sarah Ulmer - May 8, 2018

Mayor of Tupelo, Jason Shelton has announced he will no longer be a contender in the U.S. Senate Election. Other candidates include Republican appointed Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, Sen. Chris McDaniel and Democrat Mike Espy and Tobey Bartee.

Shelton issued the following statement on Tuesday: 

 After much prayer and consideration I have reached the decision that I will be withdrawing my candidacy for U.S. Senate in the special election to replace retired Senator Thad Cochran, and request that my name not be included on the November ballot.

 We entered this race with a desire to give voice to the issues, concerns, hopes, and aspirations of our fellow Mississippians.

I still feel strongly that we must get beyond the rhetoric that has been so detrimental to progress, and elect a U.S. Senator who is intent on working with Mississippians who need help navigating the maze of the federal government, working with other senators to push back the rising tide of debt swallowing our nation, and working to find practical solutions to the many challenges facing people across Mississippi. While my heart tells me this election, at this time, is not right for me, I am one of many in the next generation of leaders who are ready to serve for the betterment of our fellow Mississippians.

 The nature of this special election, with a short qualifying period, was such that potential candidates had to make quick decisions about qualifying. The historic significance, and rare opportunity, of this special election was also not lost on me. 

My family has supported me at every step in my life, and I thank them for supporting this effort.

I would also like to thank my staff for their enthusiasm, hard work, and honest counsel as we launched this campaign. The hard work of my staff, and the opportunity to meet so many great people as I traveled across this great state has made this an incredible experience for me.

I greatly appreciate all the encouragement that I’ve received from so many volunteers and supporters across this great state. The outpouring of support in my hometown and surrounding areas, where people know me best has been particularly moving and I am grateful. I will continue to work hard for my hometown to ensure a better quality of life for all citizens.”

Statement from Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton


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